What keeps CEOs up at night around the world – Insights from a PwC survey

Call it a bias of an ex (my only ex-employer), but when it comes to picking up the brains of the CEOs of the world, there is no one better than PwC to delve into the minds of the global leaders.

PwC has been conducting surveys of world’s CEO for more than two decades now & haven’t been too off the mark with their publications. This time they focused more on what lies ahead as much as they looked into the past.

In this blog, we bring together just one of the many observations which might intrigue you, irrespective of the nature of industry & the geography.

Threats that are top-of-mind

CEOs are still keeping cyber-threats in their list of top five threats & quite deservingly so. The growing number of malware attacks & the quantum of business losses recently is a testimonial to that.

Response to what keeps CEOs up at night around the world?

Broadly, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) 2018 report on the threats that keep chief executive officers (CEOs) up at night shows that there has been no change from 2017 to 2018 in the level of concern executives have about cybersecurity. And it doesn’t look like that it is going to change anytime soon, unless enterprises take a complete view of cybersecurity & address those with rigour.

(Survey Link: 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey)