Cyberyog attacks from the outside, simulating external threats trying to get into a client’s network. The simulated attacks can include searching for public-facing client servers, sniffing network traffic for information, and exploiting these external-facing resources.

Cyberyog attacks from the inside, simulating an internal threat trying to gain access to sensitive information and resources. These simulated internal threats attempt to avoid detection by going through a client’s internal network resources such as firewalls.

Cyberyog can perform numerous attack types such as phone calling and phishing emails to test security awareness of client employees. Physical penetration tests can be performed to test the physical security posture of the client. The goal is to obtain access to sensitive resources using client employee credentials or by effectively “tricking” employees into granting access.

Cyberyog attempts to exploit client web application using a variety of common attack vectors. These attacks attempt to gain access to client resources and sensitive information through application portals, directories, or some other means.

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