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Cybersecurity Consulting

Protect yourself and your Business.

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Trusted years in name of Cybersecurity since 2017
Improve your

Security Posture

  • Incorporate cyber-security into everyday business decisions and processes
  • Develop a new strategy and/or capabilities to combat cyber-threats
  • Be compliant with domestic & international privacy laws
  • Protect the brand, your customers & your people
  • Differentiate yourself with others through enhanced security

Partners with the best brands in the security space


Cyber Security Solutions

Know Your CyberScore (KYC)

In response to the rising security challenges, assess and validate your Cybersecurity maturity in comparison to peer organizations and leading industry frameworks. We help you decide your score & implement a proven roadmap leading to better security posture

Penetration Testing

Simulating external threats trying to get into a client’s network, such as searching for public-facing client servers, sniffing network traffic for information, and exploiting these external-facing resources. These simulated internal threats attempt to avoid detection by going through a client’s internal network resources such as firewalls

Information Systems Audit

We provide specialized IS Audit services while complying to industry standards & accepted frameworks. The Audit Services cover regulatory audits, third-party, internal & concurrent audits.

GDPR, SOC-2 & ISO 27001

Understanding your data landscape and how the use, movement and sharing of that data is managed today provides the baseline to enable go forward GPDR readiness and SOC-2 compliance efforts. We provide a systematic approach for managing information (data) security and related risks. We make you adaptable, resilient and offer evidence of operating effectively over time.


Success Stories

“We have benefitted significantly from services provided by Cyberyog. Their cybersecurity team has clarity in understanding various aspects of IT policies, process flows and security best practices. ”
Vinay Pagaria

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