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Cyber Offerings


Know Your CyberScore (KYC)

In response to the rising security challenges, assess and validate your Cybersecurity maturity in comparison to peer organizations and leading industry frameworks. We help you decide your score & implement a proven roadmap leading to better security posture

Penetration Testing

Simulating external threats trying to get into a client’s network, such as searching for public-facing client servers, sniffing network traffic for information, and exploiting these external-facing resources.


Audit & Compliance

We provide specialized IS Audit services while complying to industry standards & accepted frameworks. The Audit Services cover regulatory audits, third-party, internal & concurrent audits.


We provide a systematic approach for managing information (data) security and related risks. We make you adaptable, resilient and offer evidence of operating effectively over time.


Device Management

We provide fully managed device lifecycle services, starting from procurement to support.